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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just did an interview with Simon Gagne. I acted as a pool reporter for all the local media because Simon is preparing for his game tonight in Montreal, so you might see these quotes elsewhere as well.

But, for those of you interested in what Gagne is thinking about his return tomorrow, here you go:

Q: How’s it going in Tampa? Obviously a little different start to your season than you’re used to being there instead of Voorhees, no?

“That’s the toughest part. It’s all the stuff outside of hockey. It’s getting to learn the area. Getting comfortable in a new house, finding where the doctors are and stuff like that. It’s more outside the game where you have to make the adjustments. When you are at the rink you practice and still play the same game. We have a great bunch of guys here. It’s not very different than Philly on the ice it’s just very different off the ice for me and my family.”

Q: Coming back home tomorrow, what’s it going to be like?

“It’ll be special. It will mean a lot. I spent 11 years there and 11 years in one life is a lot. And it’s not just the 11 years. I started my career there. I was a rookie there. When I left home for the first time I went to Philly. When I was 16-17-18-years-old I was playing juniors but I was playing in my home town. So it was the first time I went away and it became my second home. Going back there is going to be weird. It’s going to be hard. I was laughing with the (Tampa and Montreal) media today about how it’s going to be tough to make sure I go to the left side and the locker room where we’re supposed to be and not the Flyers locker room. At the same time I’m looking forward to seeing all the people who work in the (Wells Fargo) Center and being able to say hello to them. It’s going to be a special game for me tomorrow. For me it’s a big one here tonight too in Montreal because I have a lot of family coming here to see me play in a different uniform for the first time. There’s been a lot of emotion for me this week – my first game in Tampa, now back in Montreal and then in Philly tomorrow, so it’s been a tough week for me. Hopefully though we’ll have some fun with it because I’m looking forward to playing these games.

Q: Is it almost better to get all of these emotional games out of the way so quickly so you can get on with just playing hockey for the Lightning?

“I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a lot going on right now. Here in Montreal and then tomorrow in Philly too. The good thing is maybe having the games back-to-back so I won’t be there too long. I’ll be in and out so it will be easier for me. I’m glad that it’s happening earlier in the season, but I’d rather have a little rest before playing the Flyers.”

Q: Have you had an opportunity to talk with any of the guys on the Flyers about this game tomorrow?

“I talked with Danny Briere a little bit but we didn’t talk about the game. We talked about he he’s doing, how I’m doing and stuff like that. Nothing about what to expect. Whatever happens on the ice happens. It might be a good thing that we’re getting in so late tonight because we won’t go to the rink in the morning, just meet at the hotel, rest, and then go to the rink for the game. I won’t get much time to spend there my first time back. It’s going to be tough for me.”

Q: I don’t know if I should tell you this or not, but the Flyers are planning a little video tribute to you during the first period. That should get the crowd riled up. Do you anticipate that will be an emotional moment for you?

“Yes. I think so. You mentioning it to me catches me by surprise. I have a lot of great memories there and now that I’m coming back… it’s going to be a tough night. I’m glad they’re going to do it early in the game though that way I can enjoy it for a moment and then focus on the game the rest of the way.”


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