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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


- Ryan Miller had his best game of the series. For those that thought he was deserving of the first star in Game 1 (he wasn't) take a look at this game. See the difference? Miller flat out stole Game 4. In Game 1, he was good, but not spectacular - he didn't have to be. In Game 4 he was great because if he wasn't, the Sabres wouldn't have won. Plain and simple.

- The penalty called on Mike Richards by referee Francois St. Laurent was a flat out joke. Has anyone ever seen a major penalty assessed on someone who wasn't being an agressor? Richards was defending himself from a big hit. He got his arm up. Patrick Kaleta ran into him. You want to give him two minutes for elbowing because he wasn't in control of his elbow - fine. But a five-minute major? For that? Please. There have been far worse hits in this playoff alone that received lesser punishment. Good thing the Sabres didn't score, or the outcome didn't hinge on that call, or there would be far more made of it.

- Jeff Carter suffered a right knee injury on a collision with Tyler Myers in the first period and didn't return. The Flyers are calling it a day-to-day injury. Just like Chris Pronger's been for three weeks.

- Speaking of Pronger, anyone want to lay odds on his return Friday? I'm all but guaranteeing it.

- It would be remiss to not mention the play of Brian Boucher in Game 4. Many of is 28 saves were huge, including stoning Tyler Ennis on a breakaway in the third period. He's allowed four goals in three games, and none have been his fault. He'll get the nod again in the pivotal Game 5. It'll only be his second start at the Wells Fargo Center since Feb. 10. (3/27 vs. Boston).

- The penalty kill was outstanding - and not just because they killed off the five-minute major to Richards (although, as Laviolette said, that may have been their best kill all year). They kept the Sabres from even getting set up for much of the 9:41 the Sabres had in man-advantage time. If they can continue to do that, Miller is going to have to be perfect to beat the Flyers two more times.

- Based on that penalty killing - and his even strength play - Kris Versteeg was outstanding in Game 4. In one of his better games as a Flyer, Versteeg was creative, he was a pest. He was what the Flyers envisioned when trading a first and third round draft pick to Toronto for him. Again, if he keeps going at that level, the Sabres will struggle to find answers.


Blogger JDC said...

Anthony, couldn't agree more...Ryan Miller won that game by putting on a clinic! The refs are another story all together.

April 21, 2011 at 2:36 PM 

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