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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I think today was evidence that Chris Pronger will play tomorrow in Tampa.

He wouldn't say yes. Coach Peter Laviolette will never confirm a lineup decision the day before a game and Paul Holmgren wasn't available.

But it sure looked like he was playing - taking a regular turn in practice with partner Matt Carle, and with his surly attitude with the media afterward, it seems like Pronger is back.

He event went so far as to change into a t-shirt that read "go screw yourself," prior to meeting with the media (which you'll see as I pan down a couple times in the video).

What you won't see is what happened after I turned the camera off where Pronger said he didn't know whose decision it would be for him to play- as he didn't exactly say he had been cleared to play, but didn't exactly say he hasn't been cleared either.

You also won't see Pronger grit his teeth as he talked about playing while wearing a shield. It's a safe bet he's not long for it as he complained about having to constantly wiping it in warmer rinks (namely, Tampa and Florida).

But, I still think he plays against the Lightning. You tell me.


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