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Thursday, December 18, 2008


That's right, I said bacon... as in cooked. Fried. Done.

The Flyers run of great hockey ended unceremoniously Thursday in snowy Montreal.

But, the big story was coming into the game.

Tuesday, Montreal lost 3-2 to the Carolina Hurricanes. In that game, Carolina had 11 power plays. The Canadiens just one.

No question the whining and complaining from Hockey's Mecca soon followed.

Give Montreal credit for not moaning publicly, but there had to be a phone call made to the league, or at least crying in local newspaper columns because NHL director of officiating was on the local French-speaking channel explaining how sucha disparity happens.

I was sitting in an Italian cafe eating lunch, and the sound was down, so I couldn't hear what he was saying - and the closed captioning was in French - go figure. But the fact that he was addressing it doomed the Flyers.

They ended up with just one-and-a-half power plays for the entire game. That's it.

Not that that was the difference in the game, it's just a point of reference, an omen if you will beforehand that came true afterwards.

By the way, who wants to bet Randy ones plays for the Flyers this weekend after this shoddy performace by the defense?

And oh yeah, Marty Biron may get just one of the two starts this weekend. I'm betting Sunday.


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