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Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is a generality, but collectively, sometimes those of us in the media are really, really dumb.

Oh, we have our moments of brilliance, but they are often overlooked when we're making complete chuckle-heads of ourselves.

Like today.

I sat in the Flyers post-practice press conference and listened to question after question after question about the sudden goaltending controversy surrounding the Flyers.


I should have known moments earlier when the cameras and digital recorders (and one cassette recorder... didn't know people still used those) were jammed in the face of Brian Boucher in the locker room.

He's the backup people!

Look, Michael Leighton wasn't great in Game 1, but to blame him for the loss is absurd. His team was awful defensively in front of him. When was the last time they allowed five even strength goals in a game? That's how you know they weren't playing the right way.

But, word was leaking out that the Flyers were considering a lineup switch. Everyone assumed it was in goal.

Cue the Family Feud buzzer please.

"SanFilippo family, your chance to steal."

Thanks Richard.

Let me set it for you straight. The change is coming on defense. Ryan Parent is done. Presumably for the playoffs, if not his Flyers' career. He likely will be playing elsewhere next season. Good riddance. He has two left hands - ergo he can't carry the puck without losing it. It was nice knowing you pal.

The question is who replaces him? Oskars Bartulis?

THe Flyers like him enough to have signed him to an extended contract and they used him earlier in the playoffs against New Jersey. But I'm thinking no.

Danny Syvret?

Again, a skilled puck mover, which would be an upgrade over Parent in one aspect, is nothing special in his own end and you can't risk having that kind of player on the ice against a skilled team like Chicago. I'll pass there too.

Then who? There's no other defenseman available.

True. Which is why it's going to be a forward.

I'm going with Daniel Carcillo. He deserves to be back in the lineup based on how he's played in the playoffs. He wants back in. He was pretty intense about it in the locker room today. Here's what he had to say to the Daily Times:

"I hate losing. At this time in my life, I am not a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks. If I get a chance to get out there, I am sure everyone will see that.
Am I anxious? Of course... There is nothing I would rather do tomorrow than play.
"It’s tough because it is a team game. You battle with these guys all year to get to this point, and then you get to it and you are not with them, and you are not human and you don’t care and you don’t have a heart if you are not pissed off. You just have to keep as much of a positive attitude as you can. It’s a long series. Hopefully I can get in there and make a difference.
"I can’t remember a game this year that we didn’t have any penalties. Does that mean anything? I don’t know if you can really look into that. But we definitely have to be more aggressive and we have to hit more and we have to initiate tomorrow a lot more.
"I am not a coach. If I was, I’d be playing."

Later, at his press conference, Laviolette brought up Carcillo's name unsolicited when asked how tough lineup decisions are.

“Those decisions are always the tough ones when it comes to telling players they can’t be in the lineup or they’re not going to get the call that night,” Laviolette said. “Danny Carcillo is a perfect example. He went through it. There was no reason for him to come out of the lineup. He’s done everything we’ve asked."

Which means he's playing tomorrow. Book it.


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