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Friday, October 15, 2010


Far be it from me to tell the Flyers how to market their brand. They've done a great job of doing just that for more than four decades now and listening to some blowhard journalist doesn't rank high on their list of things to do.

But, in the interest of saving them from themselves, I offer the service of my opinion free of charge for all who care to listen.

First off, the shameless in-arena infomercial starring Steve Coates and Claude Giroux stumping for fan gear is horrible. It should never be trotted out again. It seemed incredibly off the cuff. There didn't appear to b any sense of script. And poor Giroux is constantly having a microphone shoved in his grill while trying to put on one layer of Flyers swag after another.

Again, there's no script, so it's safe to assume Giroux didn't have the flair of a professional actor with some improvisational experience.

Never. Again.

But that's not the biggest injustice. No. That belongs to the usually savvy marketing geniuses who come up with the team slogan.

You may have noticed there is no team slogan yet. That's because the team is going to ride the whole 2010 Eastern Conference Champions thing right up until the last second of the calendar year.

But, a new slogan will be unveiled, probably in January or thereabouts. The Flyers haven't released this yet, but here it is, for the first time, for your consumption.


Not a bad saying. It's rather poetic, almost like it was penned by Robert Frost, or e.e. cummings, or Maya Angelou.

But as a slogan?

Way too bulky kids. To many words. To many W's. What is this a course on public speaking? Ugh.

The saying certainly has good meaning. It's a fine rallying cry for a hungry team. And so I've been told - it's a creation of Peter Laviolette's.

It wouldn't be the first time the marketing folks had their motto selected by someone else. General manager Paul Holmgren came up with last season's slogan: Relentless.

Usually, Shawn Tilger, the Big marketing Cheese, comes up with the slogan while sunbathing on the beaches of South Jersey - like he did when he thought up "Hungry For More" couple years ago.

Which makes me scratch my head at this one. Five words is too many for a slogan. It doesn't roll trippingly off the tongue. Besides, who wants a comma in a slogan?

So why not cut it down? Just use the second half. "We Will." It's short, alliterative, and shows focus, confidence and determination.

Sure it seems a little smug because of it's matter-of-factness. But, it's exactly the attitude of this team. It believes it can win and is making a promise to the city to do just that.

I can see thousands of fans wearing orange T-shirts with "We Will" emblazoned across the chest. It certainly would catch on. But not with the first part of the saying. Then it becomes too cluttered.

Remember, shorter is better. Less is more.

Especially if it's that Coates-Giroux bit. Woah!


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