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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Lost amid the euphoria of the Flyers Game 7 victory over Buffalo Tuesday was the fact that Michael Leighton, starter in Game 6 of this series, was not in the building to celebrate with his teammates.

Where he was is a matter that is being kept pretty hush-hush by the Flyers.

However one team source told the Daily TImes tonight that Leighton was very upset with himself after his Game 6 performance and didn't show up for the morning practice Tuesday.

According to the source, the Flyers tried to contact him early Tuesday but couldn't reach him. They finally got through to him later on Tuesday.

It is unclear what conversation took place with Leighton - either with coach Peter Laviolette or G.M. Paul Holmgren, but Leighton was not with the team in any capacity Tuesday.

A second Flyers source, who said he had no knowledge of Leighton's temporary disappearance, said that Leighton was hurting - both physically and emotionally after Game 6.

Flyers president Peter Luukko denied this report saying he hadn't heard anything about Leighton at all and that he would know if something that serious had taken place.

General manager Paul Holmgren answered an email outlining this story and completely denied it with one brief response, saying the story is "absolutely not true."

We'll look into this more tomorrow to see if we can get more information.


In other news, I was told tonight that television can still change the schedule depending on matchups, but the belief is Game 1 will be Saturday and Game 2 Monday in Philadelphia. Games 3 and 4 next Wednseday and Friday in either Tampa, Boston or Pittsburgh (the preferred order for this traveler),and Game 5 back here Mother's Day afternoon.


Anonymous Las Vegas Sportsbook said...

he is a pity that he is going to another team he did a great job in the flyers.

May 31, 2013 at 7:48 PM 

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