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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Where to begin?

I never expected BOTH Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to be traded, never mind on the same day, so that's crazy.

But now we have to move on. Here are the things I have learned since the deals went down this afternoon:

1. The Flyers are in love with Brayden Schenn. He's not going anywhere. He is being looked at as a lynchpin to the future. And, the Flyers think he'll play in 2011-12.

2. The Flyers WILL NOT try to trade for Stephen Stamkos. I was offered $1 million (jokingly) by a Flyers source if I could come up with a trade for Stamkos that would work with the salary cap AND would be acceptable to the Lightning. Couldn't do it off the top of my head, but after a good night's sleep, maybe I'll try.

3. The Flyers would love to draft Gabriel Landeskog tomorrow night, but he won't be there at No. 8. So, they will try to move up to get him. Whether they'll be successful or not remains to be seen. Maybe Florida will trade back and take on another salary - Hey, they need to get $30 million in salary just to reach the Salary floor... might make sense.

4. Sergei Bobrovsky isn't long for the Flyers. At $1.75 million and an inability to be sent down to the Phantoms makes him undesirable financially as a backup goalie. Plus, even though the Flyers are $7.5 million under the cap (probably more like $11.8 million if you consider them waiving Michael Leighton and Matt Walker and putting Ian Laperriere on the long-term injury list) they want or need to sign a bunch of free agents, mostly restricted. They include:

5. Ville Leino

6. Wayne Simmonds

7. Jakub Voracek

8. Darrell Powe

9. Andreas Nodl

10. After that, I'm told the Flyers are looking for a few "character guys" to round out the roster. One of which needs to be "another Lappy," according to a team source.
While I'm not sure there is another Lappy out there, here are a few guesses - and they are just guesses, as none have been fed to me by a source, but are the kind of players they may want.

11. Brooks Laich

12. Cory Stillman

13. Pascal Dupuis

14. Joel Ward

and on defense....

15. Sean O'Donnell

16. Eric Brewer

17. Brent Sopel

But, let's just get to tomorrow first. This has been one heck of a day.....


Blogger JDC said...

I like resigning Leino but not at $4 mill (maybe $2-$2.5), would love to see Dupuis in Orange/Black and Sopel on defense. I'm guessing they'll resign O'Donnellwhich isn't bad either. Is there any younger defensemen out there? The backline is getting up there and would hate to see it breakdown even more next year.

June 28, 2011 at 10:33 PM 
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Anonymous Las Vegas Sportsbook said...

Why they do something like that. I hope that it doesn't affect so much the team.

May 31, 2013 at 7:41 PM 

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