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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cote/Kukkonen out, Hatcher/Thoresen in

You're hearing this first here in the Daily Times - it's the first part of my Vengeance against Panaccio for the Capitals quotes stuff.

Riley Cote and Lasse Kukkonen are out and Derian Hatcher and Patrick Thoresen are in.

With a dearth of fighting in the playoffs, Cote is not a necessity, which allows the Flyers to get Thoresen, whose been playing his pants off, back in the lineup.

As for defense, Hatcher is a huge upgrade over whomever came out of the lineup, and FLyers coach John Stevens chose Kukkonen. He must want as much of a veteran presence as possible, and now, aside from Bradon Coburn and Randy Jones, the Flyers defense is... well... venerable.


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