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Monday, August 2, 2010


So I've had some time off from hockey these past couple weeks.

Went to the beach... watched my hometown 12-year-old-baseball team qualify for the Cal Ripken World Series (same as Little League, only under tye Babe Ruth banner)... moved to a new house... lost a softball championship (that one will sting for quite some time)and have looked up and realized... wow, six weeks to training camp.

I had my hockey interest piqued last week when I hosted a chat on (thanks to all who tuned in) and the hot button topic was Antti Niemi.

At the time, everyone wondered if the Flyers would make a play for him if he won arbitration and the Blackhawks chose to walk away.

Without having spoken with anyone at the Flyers at the time, I surmised during the chat that it was not likely and that Michael Leighton was the guy.

But, with rumors ramping up the last two days now that Chicago chose to go the way of Marty Turco and Niemi is available, I decided to make a call to the Flyers.

One of my more reliable sources said, "We're not chasing the Finn."

The reason? He said Niemi is already receiving offers well above his arbitration award, and that is way out of the Flyers price range.

But, as I've been saying all along, don't be surprised if Johan Backlund makes the opening night roster on merit rather than injury to someone ahead of him, and keep an eye on Sergei Bobrovsky, who will likely start for the Phantoms, but will be given a long look in camp.

Other than that, all is quiet on the Flyers' front and will probably remain that way.

"We won't be out there pursuing anything and unless someone comes along with an offer that's really interesting, we're probably set for camp," my source said.

Which means Dan Carcillo isn't being traded. I've been told there've been no talks on that front either.

In a way I know this disappoints some of you, who wanted the upgrade in goal, but for once the answer might be coming from within.


Finally, I'd like the thank the folks at SBNation in Philly for naming me one of the five best beat writers in Philadelphia.

There are a lot of quality scribes in this town and to be considered one of the best by a network of the best fan bloggers in the city is truly an honor. I'm humbled and I hope to keep providing you with the coverage you desire plus some new wrinkles in the coming season.